#5 Employment - stress or opportunity?

Sep 01, 2020




Most likely we have all been part of the hiring process at least once, either as a candidate or an employerBoth sides have their challenges, but as I have been in the role of a candidate and a person conducting job interviews, I find it a little harder for a candidate. I remember my first job interview which if I look at it now, was disastrous. The job was not harmless at all so I think a good opportunity went up in the air just because of the wrong approach to the whole situation. If you are looking for a job just to survive, I am sure that it can be found tomorrow, but if you are looking for a job suitable for your desires and qualities it is necessary to invest some effort. So I would like to share with you some tips that if I had at the time I would surely have done better.



What first comes to mind when someone says hiring? Surely these are the terms job search, cover letters, resumes or the job interview itself. Did you read it positively, with enthusiasm or with some cramp?

If you are in the job search phase at the moment or you are planning to apply for a job, now is the right time to think about it for a minute. Is that stressful for me? Why? Stress is just a situation caused by something we didn’t plan for, something we didn’t prepare for.

Why not think of everything as an opportunity to prepare for and take advantage of? An oppportunity that offers you something new and better in life. So wouldn't that be worth taking?

Has your motivation increased at least a little bit by thinking like that? You are on the right track.

"Who am I?"

Do you really know yourself and know what you want? Take paper and pencil and write down twenty of your qualitiesin which you are really good. Where could you make the most of them? What do you like to do?

If it took you more than 10 minutes to do this, maybe you should aware of your qualities and competencies. Find out what you are best at and what kind of job you should be looking for.

From experience, I'm telling you, I didn't know how to count it all in 10 minutes, which in a way worried me because I don't really know myself. The path of awareness is not easy, nor is it a quick process, but it is certainly beneficial. In doing so, I can certainly recommend the professional trainings held by Marina Kolar & Konekta. You can check what it is about at https://www.konekta.hr/. By attending the mentioned trainings, I got a real view of myself, where I want to go and how to progress even more as a person.

"Who is my employer?"

It is always good to research your potential employer for several reasons.

The first thingis to see if the job they do suits you, how they do it, if you can see yourself working there all your life, for example, if that job would fulfill you in every sense, if their business values agree with yours, or so-called culture fitYou can read more about the concept and meaning at the following link: https://www.companymatch.me/cultural-fit/index.html?lang=en .

Second thing, at the same time you gather information that will surely come in very handy when compiling a motivational letter, and later when preparing for the interview itself, such as what they do, how they are organized, what possible improvements you can bring to that employer.

"Motivational letter?"

How to write a cover letter? We all asked ourselves this question at least once, so we looked for some drafts on which we just exchanged personal data and reformulated a few sentences related to our previous jobs. But are you described in the letter? Do you want your potential employer to see you that way?

From my experience, it is always very easy to conclude which letter was written as a splint, and in which a little more effort was invested. And as it turned out, the impression is left from the very first moments of the presentation, either by letter or in person. That is why I recommend that you create a motivational letter describing your qualities that could be used by your future employer or simply as an advertisement about yourself. Don't use drafts and be yourself!

"Preparing for the interview"

If you have reached this stage, you are progressing well. ?

Zhe key to success for a positive job interview is in the preparation itself. As I mentioned before, we need to research our potential employer so that we can better prepare for the interview itself. I repeat, we leave the impression in the first few sentences, so they should be with aWOW effect to interest a potential employer for you. How to impress a potential employer? So prepare various scenarios. You can use energy-raising exercises before the interview and prepared answers to possible questions can help you with that. The following link can help you with this: https://www.moj-posao.net/Savjet/73920/90-pitanja-na-razgovoru-za-posao/43/ .

„Summa summarum“

I hope I have been able to change your perception of employment and its stages at least a little bit. I think the most important thing is to start looking at the whole process as an opportunity for improvement, and not as another obligation in a series that you perform because, well, you have to. As a result, your energy and motivation will be properly directed, and the results will not be missed.


Denis Jelenčić, mag. iur.

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