SmartWay company was established in 2015 as the sequel of three decades lasting family business in providing mid-scale electrician services. Experience gained in that line of business provided great foundation for further development. Thus we invested all of our resources, knowledge and skills, as well as modern technology into our new field of operations.

By investing into high-tech and by constant upgrading of our knowledge, our mid-scale family business has grown up into modern IT company. By providing special services, today we operate all over Europe and in close cooperation with global corporations. We are fully devoted to 4Dx technologies and Screen X cinemas. We are doing business in the turn-key system by providing: energy management systems development, software solutions for e-mobility, design and implementation of design light, design and implementation of electrician aspect of smart houses, creating feasibility studies of energy management. We are proud field representative agent of Barrisol products.

You can relay on us and be on a SmartWay.

SmartWay policy

  1. Apply and continuously improve the efficiency of the management system based on the requirements of international standards ISO 9001;
  2. Continue to comply with the legal and other requirements applicable to our business;
  3. Management of the company will be based on business risk analysis and risk management model;
  4. To become leading company in providing services for 4Dx and Screen X cinemas in turn-key system of operation, as well as in decorative lights management, integration of art fabrics with acoustics and design light into systems of technical management of processes;
  5. To become leading company in implementing advanced systems of energy management in „buildings“ and e-mobility;
  6. To become recognizable representative agent, designer and fitter of Barrisol products.

SmartWay vision

To become leading company on European market in terms of energy management within buildings, with emphasis on art lighting design and recognisable expertise in providing services for cinemas industry on 4Dx and ScreenX projects.

SmartWay mission

By continuous investment in quality of business relationship with our clients, plus investment in technology and gaining new knowledge, we will create new/added values for our clients.

Our team

“True love exist in business. It’s when Employee and Employer are amazingly grateful to have each other. We should all have true love at work.”

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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