My name is Petra Mesarić, and I am CEO of company SmartWay, operating in the engineering, technical consulting and design lighting manufacturing sectors. In 2017 I have finished my Ph.D. on the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, in the field of exploring power engineering systems, on the concept of the smart grid. IoT technologies and its implementation in the smart grid is my expertise, and design lighting is my inspiration.

After the education sector and project management of the significant scientific European projects, I have gained essential professional, administration, and communication virtues. Willing to do something measurable, I started company SmartWay in 2015, continuing 30 years of family tradition. Today our company joins excellent experts, and we do business in more than ten countries, all over Europe.

In the field of electrical engineering, company SmartWay can offer you producing the drawings, electrical works, advanced system automation solutions, control of the lighting system, smart house, and smart monitoring solutions. Acoustic and decorative wall coverings, its installation, and all needed consultation are also one of the services that we offer. SmartDesign is our expression of decorative lighting available in our webshop, regarding the individual solutions, we also offer it for you.

Cinema industry is our niche, and this is confirmed by the variety of the services that we offer because we are the best, quickest, and most reliable on the market. We can also provide project by the model turn by key. With this approach, we can transform auditorium to 4Dx or ScreenX cinema in less than two months, which is more than twice quicker than other average projects in this field. We speeded our business all over Europe and became the strategic partner of South Korean company CJ PLEX, producer of the special entertainment technology in the cinema industry, like before mentioned 4Dx and ScreenX cinema. The award from club Women in Adria, for the most perspective businesswoman, in the year 2018, was the additional acknowledgment for my devotion to work.

The wide range of services we offer within our company allows us to think and act interdisciplinary. We bring together a team of top architects, static engineers, electrical engineers, machinists, and interior designers. We take care that your project is done within your budget and time, and we turn your desires for new technologies into reality. Continuous investment in our knowledge and knowledge of new technologies is our strength. If you want a team that will dedicate your time and approaches your project with the same enthusiasm as you, you can make the smart decision and contact us. We will do our best to bring you via Smart Way to your destination!


Petra Mesarić, PhD

SmartWay policy

  1. Apply and continuously improve the efficiency of the management system based on the requirements of international standards ISO 9001.
  2. Continue to comply with the legal and other requirements applicable to our business.
  3. Management of the company will be based on business risk analysis and risk management model.
  4. To be a leading provider of services in the cinema industry, on high technology integration projects such as 4Dx, MX4D and Screen X cinema on a turnkey basis.
  5. To be a leading company in the field of cinema industry services in the field of lighting management systems, the integration of decorative wall fabrics and design lighting, and the provision of consultancy services in the project development and implementation phases.
  6. To be a reliable partner in providing advanced development, consulting and project implementation services in the field of electrical engineering.

SmartWay vision

"With our dedicated work, constant education, interdisciplinarity and the desire to make a difference in business, inexhaustible responsibility and a professional approach to solving challenges, SmartWay will be your reliable partner who you will always want to come back with every subsequent project."

SmartWay mission

By continuous investment in quality of business relationship with our clients, plus investment in technology and gaining new knowledge, we will create new/added values for our clients.

Our team

“True love exist in business. It’s when Employee and Employer are amazingly grateful to have each other. We should all have true love at work.”

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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