Opened Museum of Intangible Heritage "Treasury of Međimurje"

Jul 13, 2021




Sveti Martin na Muri, 13.07.2021.

The Museum of Intangible Heritage "Treasury of Međimurje" was opened in the building next to the fortification of the Old Town in Čakovec, the renovation of which was co-financed by the European Union. The total value of the project was 40.8 million HRK. The museum on about 2700 square meters offers a view of the heritage and history of Međimurje County, myths and legends and the story of the Zrinskis. On the ground floor is an exhibition called "Century of the Fortress" which interprets the turbulent history of the fortification of Čakovec castle, while on the first floor is an exhibition that interprets the intangible heritage of Međimurje called "Miniatures". SmartWay participated in the renovation of the multimedia hall on myths and legends by supplying and installing a range of decorative wall lighting and ceiling fabrics. When visiting the museum, be sure to check a room about myths and legends.

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