Here you can find a list of our clients. We are extremely happy that you are coming back to us again with new projects, and we believe that if you have not yet collaborated with us, you will follow the same pattern. Thank you for Your trust! We are here for You and we will try to be even better!

Thank you for Your trust! We are here for You and we will try to be even better!

List of our users

Electrical engineering and energy management systems

  1. Swimming pools Cerine
  2. Cineplexx WestGate
  3. CineStar Centar Kaptol
  4. CineStar Novi Sad (Serbia)
  5. CineStar Pančevo (Serbia)
  6. CineStar Priština (Kosovo)
  7. CineStar Split MOS
  8. CineStar TC Špansko
  9. CineStar Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  10. CineStar Varaždin
  11. CineStar Zadar
  12. CineStar Zrenjanin (Serbia)
  13. Community home Macinec (ISGE)
  14. Ducati Komponenti d.o.o.
  15. Eco center Zlatna Greda
  16. School of Economics and Commerce Čakovec (ISGE)
  17. Elektro Jaklić d.o.o.
  18. Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute, Zagreb
  19. Futura Auto d.o.o.
  20. Heta d.o.o.
  21. Hipp d.o.o.
  22. In mobile accessories d.o.o. (Mobia)
  23. A public institution for the development of Međimurje County REDEA (ISGE)
  24. Public institution for nature protection - Međimurska priroda
  25. PFD Čakovec
  26. Library Fran Galović Koprivnica
  27. Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall
  28. LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin d.o.o. (ISO 50001)
  29. Međimurje Energy Agency - MENEA
  30. Međimurske vode d.o.o.
  31. Međimurje University in Čakovec
  32. Municipality Gornji Mihaljevec (ISGE)
  33. Municipality Tivat (Montenegro)
  34. Municipality Zadar (ISGE)
  35. Elementary School dr. Ivan Novak Macinec (ISGE)
  36. Elementary School dr. Vinko Žganec Vratišinec (ISGE)
  37. Elementary School Goričan (ISGE)
  38. Elementary School Podturen (ISGE)
  39. Elementary School Selnica (ISGE)
  40. Elementary School Petar Zrinski Šenkovec (ISGE)
  41. Police department Grubišno Polje (ISGE)
  42. PPS Galeković
  43. Faculty of Law Zagreb
  44. Purić d.o.o.
  45. Home of sport Slakovec (ISGE)
  46. Studenac d.o.o.
  47. University North
  48. Students dorm of Construction School Čakovec (ISGE)
  49. Štampar Winery
  50. The parish of BDM Đelekovec
  51. The parish of St. Martin Bishop


  1. 4Dx Antwerpen (Belgium)
  2. 4Dx Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  3. 4Dx Barcelona (Spain)
  4. 4Dx Beograd (Serbia)
  5. 4Dx Brussels (Belgium)
  6. 4Dx Fribourg (Switzerland)
  7. 4Dx Geneva (Switzerland)
  8. 4Dx Gent (Belgium)
  9. 4Dx Hasselt (Belgium)
  10. 4Dx Kassel (Germany)
  11. 4Dx Kirchberg (Luxembourg)
  12. 4Dx Lomme (France)
  13. 4Dx Lugano (Switzerland)
  14. 4Dx Madrid (Spain)
  15. 4Dx Madrid 2 (Spain)
  16. 4Dx Nimes (France)
  17. 4Dx Novi Sad (Serbia)
  18. 4Dx Rijeka
  19. 4Dx Rocourt (Belgium)
  20. 4Dx Split
  21. 4Dx Valencia (Spain)
  22. 4Dx Zagreb
  23. 4Dx Zürich (Switzerland)
  24. 4Dx Zürich 2 (Switzerland)
  25. Cine&Play Čakovec
  26. Cineplexx Westgate
  27. CineStar Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  28. CineStar Branimir Centar
  29. CineStar Centar Kaptol
  30. CineStar Kassel (Germany)
  31. CineStar MAX City Pula
  32. CineStar Novi Sad (Serbia)
  33. CineStar Pančevo (Serbia)
  34. CineStar Priština (Kosovo)
  35. CineStar Split
  36. CineStar Split MOS
  37. CineStar Šibenik
  38. CineStar TC Špansko
  39. CineStar Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  40. CineStar Varaždin
  41. CineStar Zadar
  42. CineStar Zrenjanin (Serbia)
  43. MX4D Utrecht (Netherlands)
  44. ScreenX Antwerpen (Belgium)
  45. ScreenX Fribourg (Switzerland)
  46. ScreenX Geneva (Switzerland)
  47. ScreenX Kassel (Germany)
  48. ScreenX Lomme (France)
  49. ScreenX Madrid (Spain)
  50. ScreenX Saint Julien (France)
  51. ScreenX Utrecht (Netherlands)
  52. ScreenX Zürich (Switzerland)

Design lighting and decorative wall fabrics

  1. Arena Cinemas (Switzerland)
  2. Cine&Play Čakovec
  3. CineStar Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  4. CineStar Centar Kaptol
  5. CineStar Kassel (Germany)
  6. CineStar MAX City Pula
  7. CineStar Novi Sad (Serbia)
  8. CineStar Split MOS
  9. CineStar Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  10. Flower shop Pušlek, Čakovec
  11. Community home Štrigova
  12. Castle Tikveš
  13. Haix obuća d.o.o.
  14. Medical center Glavić
  15. Municipality Štrigova
  16. Palace Lešić Dimitri
  17. Treasury of Međimurje
  18. SmartWay Showrrom
  19. Studio Franić Šekoranja
  20. Vnuk d.o.o.
  21. Zagreb City Hotles

The past is a place of reference not residence.

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