SmartWay SmartWay offers designer lighting, available to all interested parties within the so-called SmartDesign brand. We collaborate with creative designers and artists whose creativity we transfer to simple concepts and models of joy-filled lighting. The most playful category of Happy SmartDesign offers lines such as BSimple, BHappy, Nu Shu, and ZOLA D'vision. Business SmartDesign allows you to create your custom design lighting project at your request. Each visitor can choose from three basic models such as a table, floor, and hanging lamp. Choosing a lampshade is what will intrigue every visitor. Namely, for each lamp, we offer a large number of illustrations, the ability to create unique examples or the realization of special wishes of users for which you can contact us directly.
Novelty is modular lampshades, which means you can change the shade yourself in just a few steps, depending on the season, occasion, or mood. The old one can be saved and reused in due course depending on your wishes.
Below you can see more details about the collaboration with the designers and artists themselves and the story of the partnership. Our guiding principle is that our little things remind you that they are actually significant and that they are there to make you happy! We hope that we will succeed in this endeavor!

Enjoy the LITTLE things in life, for one day you may realize they were the BIG things.

Robert Brault
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