Electrical engineering and energy management systems

In general

SmartWay is the result of a brand that has its roots in electrical engineering with a thirty-year tradition. For this reason, it commends itself with vast experience and excellent references.

Driven by the desire to keep up with new technologies, SmartWay offers a wide range of highly specialized electrical engineering services, such as advanced automation systems, lighting management, smart homes, energy and water monitoring systems, and e-mobility services. Our strength lies in an individual and interdisciplinary approach.

We are the ones who will make sure that your project is completed within the given time and budget. Therefore we can offer our services on a turnkey basis. You can read more about individual services below

Design, supervision and execution of electrical installations

The development of facilities and their need for more rational, faster, and better technical solutions certainly include an overall approach during the design phase. A systematic approach to design can avoid all later undesirable scenarios such as delays, mismatches, unpreparedness, ignorance, additional costs, etc. For this reason, we are continuously educating and strive to keep up with all new technologies.

Given the complexity of each facility and the required investor requirements, we must comply with the laws, regulations, norms, and rules of the profession. It is for this reason that we approach designing professionally and are always available to investors to achieve the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

SmartWay is an authorized and certified integrator of the Vimar By-me system, the KNX system, and the HIQ system.

Smart homes

By installing a central control system, the smart home enables the integration of lighting, shutters and blinds, heating and cooling, hot water consumption, video surveillance, multimedia, security, etc.

The smart home will keep track of your daily activities and make the most of it for you and the rest of the household. Your comfort and safety will be raised to a new and better level.

One of the essential functions of such a system is to optimize the energy consumption of the home. The system can regulate the temperature in all rooms in the house according to the default mode, whether winter or summer, it can control the lighting in individual rooms, switching on or off electrical consumers, ventilation system, external blinds, and safety fire protection system.

SmartWay offers several different smart home systems (KNX system, Vimar Byme, HIQ system), depending on the wishes and needs of investors.

Energy management systems

SmartWay offers advanced automation systems implemented with programmable logic controllers and related software packages (SCADA system). All technical and software solutions are created within the SmartWay team, and therefore we can deliver a complete package of services.

According to individual needs, we are able to create project solutions, integrate them into your existing projects, and offer delivery, installation, and commissioning of the system, together with various web or SCADA applications, all according to your project asignment.

The equipment we use is industrial, which means it is robust and reliable. Equipment development is in Croatia, and production is in Slovenia. The facilities we realized at the beginning of providing these services are still functioning flawlessly, even after more than seven years

Monitoring of energy and water consumption

The SmartUp software package is a tool (SCADA system) for monitoring, analyzing, controlling, and optimizing energy consumption in a facility and can be fully adapted to the international energy management standard ISO 50 001. The package also includes consulting services for the implementation of standard as well as for process optimization.

A systematic approach to energy issues will help to find measures and procedures aimed at reducing energy consumption. Analyzing energy consumption in real-time and at critical locations is essential to establish systematic energy management. With daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual reports that come in PDF format to the desired email address at the time and amount the user wants, relevant information will be at your fingertips.

Energy management is a systematic way to ensure continued concern for energy consumption. In order to be able to answer at all times the question of where, how, and how much energy is consumed and what energy is consumed, it is necessary to monitor energy consumption in key places.

The SmartUp web application also allows data to be forwarded to the Energy Management Information System (ISGE). ISGE is an online application for monitoring and analyzing energy and water consumption in public sector buildings and is a necessary tool for systematic energy management.

Completed projects:
CineStar Varaždin, Split, Centar Kaptol, Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Tuzla, LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, University Međimurje in Čakovec, University North, Međimurska priroda, Međimurske vode, School of Economics Čakovec, Elementary school Selnica, Student dormitory of the Construction School Čakovec, County uilding Zadar, Elementary School Šenkovec, Public Institution for Development of Međimurje County REDEA, Municipal Building Nedelišće, Sports House Slakovec, Community Center Macinec, Municipal Building Tivat (Montenegro), Elementary School Macinec, Elementary School Vratišinec, Elementary School Podturen, House in nature Zlatna Greda…

Software solutions for e-mobility

Electric vehicles represent a significant potential for the future advanced network, given the challenges that arise and the increased integration of IT technologies. However, to enable their synthesis, the technology and communication protocols used should be standardized.

SmartWay can design a specific hardware and software solution for you to make your electric vehicle charging station compatible with all current communication platforms through the OCPP protocol.

The experience at more than 100 charging stations has undoubtedly put us at an excellent level. We also have our eSmartWay application that you can also use as a platform for local or remote monitoring of the electric vehicle charging station, with all relevant information about the charging station itself, energy, user, etc.

Project management and consulting services

SmartWay also offers project management and consulting services. Aware that technology advances are growing exponentially and the quality of providers is becoming more diverse, we are ready to provide you with our already successfully proven approach to project planning, monitoring, and submission.

More than 30 major projects and 50 small projects in more than ten countries in Europe, in just five years, are excellent backgrounds for the skills we have acquired.

If you need safe, reliable, trusted, and professional help, contact us with confidence.

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