Design lighting and decorative wall fabrics

In general

Interior decoration is nowadays receiving increasing attention, and the essential elements to be addressed are lighting solutions, walls, and ceilings.

These elements, in addition to the aesthetic component, have several quality properties that are required by a particular space such as sound absorption, energy efficiency, room illumination, etc.

Individual lighting solutions

Light affects the mental, physical, and physiological health of people. People's presence and work concentration also depend on the quality of light that illuminates daily activities. All possible defects of natural light can today be compensated by electric current, and various forms of lighting, which is particular ways can affect the appearance of a room or an outdoor space.

Light sources are characterized by basic sizes such as luminous flux (light intensity), color return, color temperature, and light utilization. When designing a lighting system, it is also important to pay attention to compactness concerning space requirements, the size of the lamps, the impact on the architecture, and the directivity of the light. When defining lighting characteristics in a space such as simplicity, user comfort, management capabilities, and maintenance needs, it will certainly affect the level of economy of the lighting system, which includes light efficiency, lifetime, cost, replacement cost and environmental impact (energy consumption, consumption of natural resources, disposal).

Lighting design enriches other elements of the space, enables optimal utilization of space, adds an aesthetic component through the choice of lighting fixtures, lamps, and colors.

Our lighting project team, in collaboration with interior designers, offers a full range of services for indoor and outdoor lighting projects, assesses needs and functions, determines lighting criteria, specifies luminaires, provides lighting solutions, project design, lighting management, lighting design, and installation.


SmartDesign line

SmartWay offers designer lighting, available to all interested parties within the socalled SmartDesign brand. We collaborate with creative designers and artists whose creativity we transfer to simple concepts and models of joy-filled lighting.

The most playful category of Happy SmartDesign offers lines such as BSimple, BHappy, Nu Shu, and ZOLA D'vision. Business SmartDesign allows you to create your custom design lighting project at your request.

Each visitor can choose from three basic models such as a table, floor, and hanging lamp. Choosing a lampshade is what will intrigue every visitor. Namely, for each lamp, we offer a large number of illustrations, the ability to create unique examples, or the realization of individual wishes of users for which you can contact us directly.

Decorative wall fabrics

Decorative wall fabrics are becoming more and more popular today because of their easy installation because they offer endless possibilities to their investors and are easy to maintain.

We have a number of different manufacturers on offer, which gives us the opportunity to offer the best solution for you. All the fabrics we use are in accordance with the world standard for non flammability (DIN 4102 B1), ecofriendly, easy to maintain, and extremely impact resistant.

We would also like to point out that we are able to print images as desired by the investor up to 5 m high without joints and seams.

Our offer covers all stages of the project:
  1. Designing a technical solution
  2. Design
  3. Conduct
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