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Mar 19, 2020





In Sveti Martin na Muri, 19.03.2020

"The implementation of the energy and water monitoring system based on the energy renovation of public sector buildings is in full swing. The beginnings were difficult because much was undefined for all key players. This implies the position of the suppliers themselves and their policies on access, replacement and upgrade of meters, design solutions, technical knowledge of equipment and protocols and their approach to the task, equipment pricing and system integration in the market, and then the manufacturers of remote sensing equipment and systems integration companies, all of which resulted in major misunderstandings between all parties involved. The policies of suppliers of water, gas, electricity and other energy products were addressed and defined in the course of design. System integration companies had difficulties by integration because of all the conditions that had to be provided before. During integration, it was determined that the facilities were not inspected and that the conditions of the supplier's meters were not determined. As a consequence, the deadline for system integration was prolonged, because in cases of need to replace the old meters, they had to be replaced with new ones that were ready for remote reading, while the supply of meters and the speed of going to the field varied among the suppliers. Furthermore, monitoring of energy and water consumption should cover only the part that was being renewed. In these cases, there was a need to install control meters."

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