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Jan 14, 2020




In Sveti Martin na Muri, 14.01.2020

To keep up with the time, we also keep track of several information and education magazines. Among them is the magazine Poduzetnik, which covers many interesting topics. From the October 2019 edition, we would like to single out an article about Končar, whose institute of electrical engineering has entered the exclusive company of world laboratories, having accredited according to the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2017. So now the Laboratory Center can test:
- switchgear (switches, disconnectors, metal shielded installations), power and metering transformers, insulators, cables, couplings and live equipment
- electrical, mechanical, magnetic and chemical properties of the material
- material resistance to weathering (UV radiation, sudden changes, temperatures, humidity), material compatibility and resistance to accelerated aging
- environmental impact on the product
- electromagnetic compatibility, safety and product noise
- rotary machines, electric motor drives, power electronics devices and computer systems.
In addition to laboratory testing, LC offers calibration of measuring devices and systems, as well as field diagnostic testing of primary power equipment.

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