Co-financing the construction of EV charging stations

May 03, 2019




In Sveti Martin na Muri, 03.05.2019

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund will announce Public call to Co-Financing the Construction of EV charging stations worth 5.8 millions HRK on Wednesday, May 8th. This is already the second Call after the Co-financing of the procurement of eco-vehicles, which aims to boost the transformation of the transport system in a cleaner and more energy efficient way, with the aim of reducing environmental pollution by exhaust gases and noise.

Companies, craftsmen, local and regional self-government units and non-profit organizations (with the exception of associations and co-operatives) will be able to receive up to 40% of the eligible costs for EV charging station projects. EV stations eligible for the co-financing must be minimum total power supply of 50kW DC or 22kW AC, and the technical concept is not strictly regulated by the call, but is open to a variety of solutions regarding power systems, power, charging speeds, filling locations and traffic routes.

As Croatia is defined as a tourist country, these calls are even more pronounced because we have to keep track of the trends of Europe countries.

See the link for more information on the entire call.

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