Rijeka got 4DX

Jun 21, 2018


4DX, Vijesti


As part of the existing CineStar in the Tower Center, in cooperation with SmartWay and Blitz-cinestar d.o.o., for the first time on December 12, the 4Dx Hall was opened. With its 80-seat capacity, the second in Croatia, the most modern cinema, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and special environmental effects, it offers a complete cinema experience and a sense of being a part of the movie. Visitors will see the movie feel as if they are in the movie environment thanks to moving seats, effects like scents, wind, water, fog and bubbles, and special light effects that will give every viewer a movie experience that captures all five senses. Residents of Rijeka will be the first to hear the latest 4DX rainstorm effect.

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