Philips HUE wireless lighting

Jun 21, 2018


Rasvjeta, Vijesti


SmartWay in cooperation with Lipapromet d.o.o. represents the Philips HUE networked lighting system that enables the user to manage light fixtures with iOS and Android devices. With the HUE system, it is possible to adjust the lighting to a range of over 16 million colors, adjust the nuisance ranging from hot (2000K) to cold white light (6500K), manage via internet connection from any location in the world, integrate with email, sms messages and applications, enabling light alarms, synchronization of lighting with music content, TV content, time out, and voice management of lighting bodies via Siri. For more information on the system itself and the components, see the enclosed literature.

If you are interested in such a lighting system in your home, office or any other location, we are at your disposal.


Download attachments: HUE personal wireless lighting

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