Opening of CineStar Novi Sad 4Dx

Jun 21, 2018


4DX, Rasvjeta, Vijesti


A new CineStar Novi Sad 4Dx with surface of 5.500 m2, 1,353 seats and 10 cinema halls was opened. SmartWay has designed and installed lighting and 4Dx cinema. Lighting has multiple CocoStore interior design, functional and decorative. Incorporating effective lighting with various options (smokey, scene change, lighting control) has contributed to an even better space experience. Creating a personalized light letter for Cinestar Caffe has provided a new look and ambience for visitors. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the 4Dx halls, a whole new way of viewing the projection, enabling them to experience a complete experience with moving seats, ventilation, lights and water to achieve different effects such as fog, bubbles, wind, various scents, etc. How CineStar Novi Sad 4DX looks like, check in the gallery.


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