New business partner `BARRISOL`

Jun 26, 2018




Tvrtka SmartWay d.o.o. postala je ovlašteni distributer te certificirani instalater Barrisol proizvoda.
SmartWay d.o.o. has become an authorized distributor and a certified installer of Barrisol products. Barrisol has more than 50 years of experience in designing and developing tensile ceilings and is an indisputable leader in this field. Barrisol products are all the more interesting because of the high aesthetics of products and functional properties. In addition to standard solutions, it offers its users acoustic versions that are very good sound absorbers. Barrisol also offers safe and lightweight self-reflecting mirrors. Barrisol Mirror is a completely safe mirror that gives the space a unique effect and at the same time increases it optically. Barrisol Artolis wall fabrics are a contemporary, refined version of some of the popular wall murals. Artolis wall coverings are extremely resistant to possible damage and at the same time very easy to install. Despite many innovative ideas, the company is constantly working on introducing new, better design and functional solutions. In addition, it provides a wide range of colors and textures. Thanks to this, Barrisol tighten ceilings, acoustic panels, safe and lightweight self-supporting Barrisol Mirror panels and Artolis wall cladding can be very precisely customized for interior design.
More about Barrisol products can be found at the following link
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