3rd Conference on Energy Efficient Lighting

Jun 21, 2018


Rasvjeta, Vijesti


The third Energy Efficient Energy Conference confirmed that the growing interest in replacing existing, ruthless and inefficient lighting systems with new, more modern, more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly and more environmentally-friendly. After all, there are more and more cities and municipalities throughout Croatia who are approaching reconstruction projects of public lighting so far, but also lighting public buildings (eg public administration buildings, schools, kindergartens, homes), applying state-of-the-art lighting solutions, and more and more companies in their production facilities and business premises they incorporate energy-efficient lighting. Additionally, an increasing interest of owners and managers of residential buildings is expected in the coming period for the application of energy efficient lighting solutions. In addition to this, the Conference has shown that some domestic lighting manufacturers (which are not a bit, though!) and offer solutions for energy efficient lighting applications can rightfully cope with strong international competition.

The conference also shows some of the most up-to-date solutions and innovations in lighting technology, featuring numerous interesting projects or projects that are planned in the field of energy-efficient lighting. Nina BEGIĆ, bacc. ing. evol. sust. from SmartWay briefly presented the emphasis from the study on possibilities to increase the energy efficiency of the lighting system in the General Hospital 'Dr. Tomislav Bardek 'in Koprivnica.

November 26, 2015 Hotel 'Antunović', Zagreb

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